The Lingo Tango: How To Better Prepare For Your Doctor Visit

Heading to the doctor’s office can be intimidating. Most of the time I would rather work overtime to avoid visiting my office if only because I don’t understand most of what it is they are saying. This, mixed with my ever-worsening fear of needles, and you’d be surprised that I do actually visit the doctors whenever my body calls upon it. For those of us suffering from chronic back pain, biting down and scheduling an appointment isn’t much of a decision—our bodies, riddled with pain and aches really make the choice for us, despite what we personally may desire.

When we’re hurting, our bodies needs outweigh the need of many, and instead must be dealt with appropriately and in the proper setting. Yet, while chronic back pain sufferers are aware of our bodies’ needs, some of us still experience the racing heart and sweaty palm that happen each time we write our name on the sign in sheet. While I cannot prescribe a magic pill that will make visiting the doctor’s office that much easier—and if anyone should stumble across one let me know—I can offer you some tips and tricks for making your visit that much easier. Continue reading